48: Directive: Respect

The idea of this post is that while wearing HP, you’re capable of giving and receiving more respect. My thought process was, HP slip on shoes are easy to put on, thus making you punctual. When you’re punctual it shows you respect people’s time, so in turn, they respect you.


47: Human truth: What So Not

In this post I tell the story of a time I said yes when I wouldn’t normally, but I was glad I did because I had a great time. I was able to spin this into a human benefit of looking confident. 

When you’re wearing HP you’re able to be confident with yourself and live life to its fullest because you’re not worried about other people’s perception of you. This connects to apropos by letting the wearer be ready for anything because of their confidence. 


46: Human truth: Grandpa Thornton

This was difficult for me to write, but I wanted to do it. 

My grandfather, Bill Thornton, was the embodiment of apropos. No matter where we were going, he always looked as sharp as a tack. Bingo, McDonalds, our house? Didn’t matter, a gentleman such as him is always dressed his best. 

He was always on time too. “Ok, Dad,” my mom would say “we’ll see you st 6:30!” Come 6:31, if we weren’t there yet you could expect a call,

“You guys coming?”

“Yes we’re coming, Dad. Just running a little late.” When we’d arrive he’d be in his chair on the front lawn, ready to go, all dressed up.

This doesn’t connect to HP, nor does it reach the page limit, it all came very easily to me. It’s something that means a lot to me and I wanted to share.


45: Human truth: Alfred

This is a character I thought up ages ago on a whim, and I decided to bring him back and try to flesh him out as a potential HP spokesperson/personality. Sir Alfred Hush is the embodiment of apropos, and this will be shown through the commercials he’s in. I didn’t meet the full page count for this.


44: Human truth: Intern

This is a concept for a commercial.

Scene: An empty white room, think Mac vs. PC commercial. “Hello! I’m Sir Alfred Hush, creator of Hush Puppies! Hush Puppies are completely waterproof. To demonstrate this,  we’ve put our intern, Joey, under a giant 500 gallon bucket of water; and we’re gonna dump it on him. You ready Joey?” Joey, a young, eager, and naive intern is standing there wearing HP.

“Ready for what?” Alfred pulls a rope from the ceiling, dumping the bucket on Joey. It takes Joey by surprise and soaks him to the bone. Alfred walks up to feel Joey’s shoes.

“See? Bone dry!” Alfred smiles to the camera.

“Can I have a towel now?”

“Yeah, take the shoes off though, those are the only demonstration pair we have.”

I like this idea of Alfred Hush as a character for HP. I would like to expand on both him and Joey in the future.

This connects to apropos by showing HP’s immediate ability to meet the demands of a wet occasion.


43: Provoke: HP Accessibility 

The goal of HP Accessibility is to provide a line of products that are able to be understood and used by all users regardless of ability. The first iteration of this idea was a pair of slippers with headlights. I did not meet the page limit before prototyping this idea. This I feel connects to apropos by showing HPs longing to meet whatever ability-related demand a consumer could possess.


42: Provoke: Interview 

This is a post I’m not excited about. I tried focusing on the incubation process again and tried to think while eating. When I came back, there wasn’t much and I found myself more frustrated than anything. Maybe that part of the process isn’t for me. This does not connect to HP or apropos, nor does it meet the page limit.