54: Don’t suck: Woodstock

This is an idea for an HP TV spot. It connects to apropos by showing both how the shoes work in many situations, and showing the memories people can make with them.

Two friends sitting at a kitchen table, it’s clearly somewhat dated from the decor to how they’re dressed. One is wearing HP. They’re mapping out a road trip. They load up their van with all their supplies and their dog.

Show then a montage of them driving all over the country, stopping at restaurants, gas stations, local attractions, all while taking Polaroids and putting them in an album. Every so often they get themselves in less than ideal situations like pushing their van out of the mud or changing a tire in the rain, but they push through. Throughout all this their will be shots of the one person’s HPs. It’s then shown that they’re heading to Woodstock in 1969.

It shows an image of them having fun at the festival. The shot zooms out to reveal it as a Polaroid being looked at by the friend in HP, now much older, we’re in the present. The friend then places it by a tombstone of the other friend. The surviving friend smiles and the last shot is on the ground, putting emphasis on their HP as they walk back to the same van from all those years ago; now much worse for ware.


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